13 Reasons Why To Travel the Philippines

13 Reasons why to travel the Philippines

When we look for a place to travel, we usually look for places that are affordable, safe, enjoyable, and easy to travel. As well, it better have tasty food and cheap alcohol.

If that sounds like what you’re looking for, look no further ’cause I’ve got the place for you. The Philippines!

With its beautiful beaches, cheap (yet delicious) food, and so much more; you’ll regret not having gone sooner. I sure did

Here are 13 Reasons Why To Travel the Philippines:

1. The People

Apart from being incredibly warm and welcoming, Filipinos love to sing, dance, and laugh even when there’s no particular occasion. They’ll share food, water, and alcohol with you without a moment of hesitation. In all likelihood, you’ll probably agree to try some of whatever it is they’re having after getting a whiff of how amazing it smells.

Many travelers alike have touted Filipinos as one the most friendly and easy-going people anywhere on the planet.

2. The Food

While Filipino cuisine may not be as celebrated around the world as other types of cuisine, it’s still definitely mouth-wateringly delicious. As there are far too many amazing eats to discuss, here’s a few of the more prominent ones:

  • Chicken Adobo which is basically chicken marinated in a myriad of delicious spices, sauces, and garnishes will probably be one of your newest favourite foods.
  • Ube Ice Cream is, as the name suggests, ice cream made from “ube” or taro root/purple yam as it’s more commonly known. While it may seem odd to make ice cream out of a root, it’s actually quite delicious. The taste is pretty hard to compare to anything else if you’ve never tried it so just give it a whirl. You probably won’t regret it.
  • Chicaron is usually in the form of fried pork rinds sprinkled with salt or some other kind of seasoning. While the pork version is more common, it also comes in variants like tilapia, chicken, you name it and someone’s probably made it before.
  • Philippine Mangoes may not seem like anything major as it’s just a fruit you can find pretty much anywhere but you’d be surprised how much of a kick the Philippine Mangoes have. Philippine Mangoes stand out when you compare them by taste with many other kinds of mangoes because of how sweet and poignant they are.
  • Banana…Ketchup may seem like a sound pairing of words but there’s actually got a pretty good taste and reasoning behind the pairing. Basically, the Philippines doesn’t have a large enough supply of tomatoes to make tomato ketchup. What the Philippines does have though, is a lot of bananas.

3. What’s a Language Barrier?

When the Americans took over the Philippines, they brought along many things. One of those many “things” was the English language. Even though it’s been over 60 years since  the Philippines gained independence, the English language has really just stuck around. Now, apart from the main Filipino language known as Tagalog; English is arguably the most commonly used language in the country. So, no matter where you go; you’ll always find someone that can speak a very decent amount of English.

While Filipinos have this running joke called a “nosebleed” moment when they have to speak English at length; you’ll find that, for the most part, there’s going to be no troubles communicating with the Filipino people.

  • Nosebleed, other than the obvious meaning, is also interpreted as the moment when Filipinos have something similar to a brain fart because they have to say a long string of words in English. It can also be when someone that speaks English is speaking to them too fast, with too many words, heavy accent, etc… While the term has been used as a derogatory way to reference someone who’s “slow” in the past because of their inability to understand simple English, in my experience, it’s now more commonly used by Filipinos as playful banter.

4. The Weather

Needless to say, the Philippines is a tropical wonderland with a lot of biodiversity. For some it’s overbearingly humid and warm (especially in the larger cities) while for many others, it’s just the right amount of heat and moisture. The temperature in the Philippines usually stays between the ranges of 19-35°C.

5. The Architecture

As a country with a lot of cultural heritage from the Spanish colonial days, it’s pretty easy to find spectacles such as this bell tower which was used as a watch tower in the event of enemy invasion.

6.  The…Desert?

While you wouldn’t usually think of a tropical nation to have a desert, you’d be surprised to find the the Philippines does actually have a desert. It’s known as the La Paz Sand Dunes and is located in Laoag, Ilocos Norte. The greatest part of it is that it’s located right along the water so you can easily take a swim as you explored the desert if you wanted to.

7. The Beaches

I’ll just put it simply and say that the beaches in the Philippines are phenomenal.

8. The Prices

The Philippines is quickly becoming one of the most popular travel destinations within the South East Asian region simply because of how easy it is to navigate through the country as a traveler. As well, it probably doesn’t hurt that pretty much everything in the country from the food to the transportation is suuuuuper cheap.

9. The Parties

The Philippines is home to some crazy party scenes. With alcohol just about as cheap as water, it’s pretty easy to tell that there’s gonna be a lot of partying going on. From Sinulog (arguably the most famous festival in the Philippines) to district wide celebrations happening somewhere pretty much every week; there’s always something going on. If, by any chance, you happen to miss all of the large scale party events like Sinulog, just turn a few corners on the street and you’ll probably find people jamming to music with beers in hand telling you to join in on the fun.

10. The Adventure

There’s so much fun stuff to do in the Philippines for every kind of pace you may want. There’s tons to do like go cliff jumping, forest trekking, canyoneering, scuba diving, and the list just goes on and on.

11.  The 7 Wonders of Nature

While the Philippines can’t boast about having all of the 7 Wonders of Nature, it can at least hold its own by laying claim to 1 of them: The Puerto Princesa Underground River. The Underground River is located at one the western islands in the Philippines; a frequently praised island paradise known as Palawan.

The Underground River is an 8km stretch of water with a brackish lower half which leads to the ocean. The cave systems which have formed around the river are host to a multitude of diverse creatures that one may not see anywhere else. If you’ve the taste for adventure and awe, you’ll love seeing it in person.

12. 101 year old traditional tattoo artist

Whang-od is a 101 year old Filipina tattoo artist! She uses the most basic tools to give tattoos to those who choose to visit her. She’s considered as something akin to a national treasure and has graced many a people with tattoos which she will pick for you.

13. It’s more fun in the Philippines

As the tagline for Philippine tourism states “It’s more fun in the Philippines” one would hope that the country is just as fun as it portrays itself to be. Assuredly, it is every bit as fun and amazing to be in as any place can be. There are so many things to learn about and see in the Philippines that it’s hard to get them all onto a full comprehensive list. Rest assured though that no matter where you go, you’ll feel at home while traveling through the Philippines.



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