Leaping Over the Bridge on Fourth

Blythe, CA

Blythe is a growing town in the state of California. With a population of roughly 21,800 people, it is neither particularly large nor small. Surrounded by peaks that stretch high and wide, this place is a desert valley of tremendous beauty and daunting heat.

The locals frequent a place known as fourth. Fourth is a bridge on 4th Ave. and it is roughly 8-10 feet in height from the water’s surface beneath it. People jump off the bridge’s guard rails into the slightly chilly water for kicks and giggles.

The water that runs beneath has a mildly strong current while the brisk desert air dashes through the crevices of the bridge’s structure. Under the bridge are four pallets firmly attached together to create a walkway above the flowing emerald green water. The walkway is somewhat difficult to get to as the only way to get up there is by climbing a rather weathered rope from deep water with no foothold other than another piece of rope tied into a noose. Because of the current and the deep water, it was too difficult to bring my SLR camera and its accompanying tripod to take pictures on the walkway. Instead, I placed a rather dated phone into a plastic baggie and then placed that baggie into a disposable drink container and closed the plastic lid. After that, I swam with the container and climbed up onto the walkway.

The lighting beneath the bridge was quite dim as most of the light that could reach the walkway was reflected from the water. Forgive the quality:

Grimy and unique, a bridge full of memories.
Though the picture is rather blurry, the beautiful glow of the water beneath is shown. Clearly, the graffiti is thriving in its abundance.
Natural lighting beneath the bridge. 

All in all, fourth is an enjoyable place with what seems like a lot of history and hardship behind it. The history is delivered through the paint while the hardship, well, just think of the fact that someone (or some people) built a walkway under a bridge that has a moderately strong current of water flowing under it *gurgle gurgle*.

Take care.

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