Children of the Coast Foundation is an SEC-registered nonprofit organization that provides health education and preventive healthcare to indigent Filipino children.

We are an outreach-type organization based in Cebu. We travel to destitute Filipino communities, implementing sustainable programs that promote health, hygiene, sanitation and nutrition.

The Founder

The foundation was started by cancer survivor Jonnette Alquizola, following her diagnosis with Ewing’s Sarcoma at age 22. While undergoing treatment in the hospital for 2 years, she created this foundation as part of her promise to dedicate her life to a worthwhile cause as soon as she recovers.

Jonnette successfully completed cancer treatment in 2014 and has been spending her time working with her many children – all 4,000 and counting.

“My survivorship is forever inspired by the people who are a part of two of the biggest fights of my life: my fight against cancer and my fight for the Children of the Coast. And to Dr. Agustin Miguel ‘Mickey’ Morales, thank you for the beautiful backbone – mine and this foundation’s.” – Jonnette Alquizola, January 2014

Learn More

Visit their website and learn more about the wonderful organization and how you can help: here

Watch the foundation’s intro video: here 

While you might not be able to help the foundation directly, you can definitely help your community around you. After all, change is needed in every area of the world.


Content courtesy of:  Jonnette Alquizola and the Children of the Coast Foundation