STRYVE Clothing is a lifestyle brand dedicated to promoting the idea of possibilities. We believe the only thing that stands in the way of who we are and what we want, are the limitations we set on ourselves. STRYVE aims to create quality, fashionable clothing that matches your lifestyle.

Our Logo

The rose represents the seed of an idea or thought planted in our minds. It’s an idea of who we want to become and how we decide we want to live our lives. The changes we make along the way help water that seed and as we slowly see this growth and transition into a better version of ourselves, soon enough we bloom into that rose. There’s beauty in the progression.

Our Mission

As we establish ourselves, our main objective is to give back to communities both locally, and globally, as much as we can. We’d like to be able to fund those who may not have the financial requirements to pursue their ambitions. A percentage of the profits will be redirected to a reputable charity.


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